Full Body Waxing

Preparing For Your Waxing Appointment

Why Wax?

There are many benefits to waxing when compared to other hair removal methods. Using creams or shaving only removes the hair on the surface of the skin and your hair will grow back within a couple of days.


Re-growth can cause ingrown hairs and itchiness. Shaving can lead to nicks and cuts on the skin, particularly in difficult to shave areas such as the knees or underarm. Harsh chemicals used in hair removal creams can damage sensitive skin, and create mixed results.

Waxing is a long-term hair removal method. Hair that is waxed is removed from the roots and will not grow back for 2 to 4 weeks depending on your hair growth.

What You Should Know Before Your Appointment

Prepare by carefully trimming your hair to about 1/2 inch or less (leave enough hair for the wax to hold onto, no less than 1/4 inch).


When preparing for your Bikini, Brazilian or Thong wax, gently loofah or exfoliate your bikini line the night before. This helps with ingrown hairs and aids in a speedy removal.

Waxing dry skin can be painful! Keep your skin moisturized. If you have a numbing cream you can apply it 45 minutes before the appointment to assure the area being waxed is numb. Taking Advil 30 minutes prior to your appointment can be helpful in relieving pain.

Cleanliness is important. Please shower before your appointment. If that is not possible we do have cleansing wipes at the salon for your convenience.

Some situations will make you ineligible for waxing services such as:

  • If you use Retinol products
  • If you are sun or laser burned
  • If you have any type of STD

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